lichen removal

The unsightly black spots that emerge on patios and driveway are what is known as lichen. Lichen are a combination of fungus and algae, or cyanobacteria. And similar to fungi, lichen need a carbon food source.

Lichen prefer porous natural stone such as Indian Sandstone because they feed on the minerals within the stone, although materials such as block paving and concrete slabs are not immune. They have roots that are known as hyphae, which form a ‘crustose’ growth and penetrate the surface which make them very difficult to remove.

Very little will remove lichen from paving, high power pressure washing has little effect and sand blasting will just serve to damage the surface of your driveway or patio. Also many ‘off the shelf’ remedy’s do not work.

As we have come across this problem may times we have developed a tried and tested procedure to remove lichen without damaging your paved areas.

Below are examples of an Indian Sandstone patio before lichen treatment.

lichen patio
lichen patio
And an example of the same area once the lichen has been treated.

lichen patio